Raja Ramesh Chandra Koppunoor,

CEO and Founder of Teckop

Ramesh Chandra

Hi Everyone! He is Ramesh Chandra a Professional Blogger and having interests on writing articles, web designing and computer OS applications. He is now 25 years old currently living in Vikarabad, India. He completed the Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communications Engineering.

He spend most of the time on knowing topics like new inventions and technologies. He always like to help people who have issues related to apps, computer applications. internet, OS and mobiles.

About Teckop

Teckop means Technology Education Career Knowledge Outsourcing Page. The purpose of creating this website is to provide fresh and updated information related to Apps, Computer OS, Gadgets, Internet, Mobiles and their Reviews. Each of our blog post will make people learn or know something new in technology.

You can reach him via Contact us page, Facebook, Google Plus pages or at contact.teckop@gmail.com. Thanks for landing on this page! and keep supporting us.